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Your favourite color tool for all your color research. Find color information in one place. Search our database of 10000+ colors to get hexadecimal, RGB, CMYK, and other color code information. Find the best matching color name for any hexadecimal or RGB color code.

Enter the color name in the search box and click search to get hex, RGB, CMYK, and other color code information. Enter the Hex or RGB color code in the search box to find the corresponding color name.

  • HEX and RGB Color Picker: Choose HEX or RGB color from color picker to find color information

  • Color Name Picker: Search for 1000+ named colors.

  • Color name to color code (hex, RGB, CMYK) converter: Enter any known color name to find its color code

  • Color code to color name (hex to color name) converter: Enter hex color code to find its color name, example: #FFFFFF

  • RGB to Color name converter: Enter rgb color code to find corresponding color name, example: rgb(0,0,0)