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Shades (Family) of White Colors - White Color Palette, Chart, Picker

Page contains palette of White colors with name. The color names and codes belongs to White color family (shades). These are varieties of the White color, which differ in color qualities like hue, saturation, intensity, or lightness. White Color Chart and Picker for your next design project. These are different type of shades of White colors, from light to dark.

Shades of White Paint

#E0E0D9 Reserved White (SW 7056)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#E2DACA Neutral Ground (SW 7568)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#E4E4DD Spare White (SW 6203)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#E5E1D8 Heron Plume (SW 6070)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#E6E1D9 Zurich White (SW 7626)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#E8E3D9 Pearly White (SW 7009)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#EADFC9 Muslin (SW 6133)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#ECE5D8 Ivory Lace (SW 7013)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#EDE1CE Casa Blanca (SW 7571)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#EDEAE0 Alabaster (SW 7008)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#EDEAE5 Snowbound (SW 7004)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#EDECE6 Pure White (SW 7005)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#EEEFEA Extra White (SW 7006)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#F0EADC Dover White (SW 6385)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#F0ECE2 Greek Villa (SW 7551)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#F2ECE6 Ibis White (SW 7000)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#F3EEE7 Arcade White (SW 7100)
Paint - Sherwin Williams

Shades of White color. White Color Chart. Different colors in White

1. Cool Mint
Color Name: Cool Mint
Hex Color Code: #DDEBEC
RGB Color Code: RGB(221, 235, 236)
CMYK Values *: 6.36%, 0.42%, 0.00%, 7.45%
HEX #DDEBEC Cool Mint Color Crayola Crayons - Color Code
Crayola formulated the color 'Cool Mint' in 2021, which is part of the Crayola Crayon's list.
2. Platinum
Color Name: Platinum
Hex Color Code: #E5E4E2
RGB Color Code: RGB(229, 228, 226)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 0.44%, 1.31%, 10.20%
HEX #E5E4E2 Platinum Color - Color Code

Platinum is a pale grayish-white color. Color represents the metal platinum.

3. Dutch White
Color Name: Dutch White
Hex Color Code: #EFDFBB
RGB Color Code: RGB(239, 223, 187)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 6.69%, 21.76%, 6.27%
HEX #EFDFBB Dutch White Color - Color Code
Dutch white is one of the colors on the Resene Color List.
4. Eggshell
Color Name: Eggshell
Hex Color Code: #F0EAD6
RGB Color Code: RGB(240, 234, 214)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 2.50%, 10.83%, 5.88%
HEX #F0EAD6 Eggshell Color - Color Code
5. Alice blue
Color Name: Alice blue
Hex Color Code: #F0F8FF
RGB Color Code: RGB(240, 248, 255)
CMYK Values *: 5.88%, 2.75%, 0.00%, 0.00%
HEX #F0F8FF Alice blue Color - Color Code
Alice blue is a web color and part of the x11 color list. It is a very pale tint of azure.
6. Parchment
Color Name: Parchment
Hex Color Code: #F1E9D2
RGB Color Code: RGB(241, 233, 210)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 3.32%, 12.86%, 5.49%
HEX #F1E9D2 Parchment Color - Color Code
7. White Smoke
Color Name: White Smoke
Hex Color Code: #F5F5F5
RGB Color Code: RGB(245, 245, 245)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 0.00%, 0.00%, 3.92%
HEX #F5F5F5 White Smoke Color - Color Code
8. Mint Cream
Color Name: Mint Cream
Hex Color Code: #F5FFFA
RGB Color Code: RGB(245, 255, 250)
CMYK Values *: 3.92%, 0.00%, 1.96%, 0.00%
HEX #F5FFFA Mint Cream Color - Color Code
Mint cream is a pale pastel tint of spring green. The color mint cream represents the color of the mint, or breath mint is a food item often consumed as an after-meal refreshment.
9. Champagne
Color Name: Champagne
Hex Color Code: #FAD6A5
RGB Color Code: RGB(250, 214, 165)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 14.40%, 34.00%, 1.96%
HEX #FAD6A5 Champagne Color - Color Code
The color's name is derived from the color of the beverage champagne
10. Antique White
Color Name: Antique White
Hex Color Code: #FAEBD7
RGB Color Code: RGB(250, 235, 215)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 6.00%, 14.00%, 1.96%
HEX #FAEBD7 Antique White Color - Color Code