Bleu Celeste

Davy's gray


Golden Ochre (Gold Ochre)


Neon Cyan

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Palette has 6 colors. The color palette consist of - #7ec0ee (Bleu Celeste) - #555555 (Davy's gray) - #7f1734 (Claret) - #f2c649 (Golden Ochre (Gold Ochre)) - #d8bfd8 (Thistle) - #00fefc (Neon Cyan) colors.

Palette Colors Contrast

Contrast ratio of Palette Colors. Contrast ratio of text and background colors in based on recommendations of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Color contrast against 1st color of palette as background

Color contrast against black background

Color contrast against white background

What is color contrast ratio?

Color contrast is the difference in brightness between foreground text and background colors. It is a measure of the difference in perceived luminance (contrast) between two colors. For example ratio is 1 (1:1) for white on white and 21 (21:1) for black on a white.

WCAG recommendations provides two levels of contrast ratios, Mminimum contrast (AA) and Eenhanced contrast (AAA).

  • The level AA requires a contrast ratio of at least 4.5 (4.5:1) for normal text and 3 (3:1) for large text.
  • The level AAA requires a contrast ratio of at least 7 (7:1) for normal text and 4.5 (4.5:1) for large text or bold text.


  • Normal text is non-bold text with a font size lower than 18pt(24px) or bold text with a font size lower than 14pt(18.5px).
  • Large text a non-bold text with a font size higher or equal to 18pt(24px) or bold text with a font higher or equal to 14pt(18.5px).

Palette Colors Info

Color Color Code

Name: Bleu Celeste
Hex: #7EC0EE
RGB: RGB(126, 192, 238)
CMYK: 47.06%, 19.33%, 0.00%, 6.67%

Name: Davy's gray
Hex: #555555
RGB: RGB(85, 85, 85)
CMYK: 0.00%, 0.00%, 0.00%, 66.67%

Name: Claret
Hex: #7F1734
RGB: RGB(127, 23, 52)
CMYK: 0.00%, 81.89%, 59.06%, 50.20%

Name: Golden Ochre (Gold Ochre)
Hex: #F2C649
RGB: RGB(242, 198, 73)
CMYK: 0.00%, 18.18%, 69.83%, 5.10%

Name: Thistle
Hex: #D8BFD8
RGB: RGB(216, 191, 216)
CMYK: 0.00%, 11.57%, 0.00%, 15.29%

Name: Neon Cyan
Hex: #00FEFC
RGB: RGB(0, 254, 252)
CMYK: 100.00%, 0.00%, 0.79%, 0.39%
~ Color Name is not the exact match. It is the nearest matching name to the Hex Code.