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Palette Colors - Color name and Color codes

Since you have edited the colors in the palette editor, to update color name and color codes.

Learn more about colors, their color model properties, similar paint, Pantone, RAL colors, etc by clicking on the hex codes or names below.

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Name: Denim
Hex: #1560BD
RGB: RGB(21, 96, 189)
CMYK: 88.9%, 49.2%, 0.0%, 25.9%

Name: Quick Silver
Hex: #A6A6A6
RGB: RGB(166, 166, 166)
CMYK: 0.0%, 0.0%, 0.0%, 34.9%

Name: Rose Vale
Hex: #AB4E52
RGB: RGB(171, 78, 82)
CMYK: 0.0%, 54.4%, 52.0%, 32.9%

Name: Chartreuse Yellow
Hex: #DFFF00
RGB: RGB(223, 255, 0)
CMYK: 12.5%, 0.0%, 100.0%, 0.0%

Name: Rose Pink
Hex: #FF66CC
RGB: RGB(255, 102, 204)
CMYK: 0.0%, 60.0%, 20.0%, 0.0%

Name: French Beige
Hex: #A67B5B
RGB: RGB(166, 123, 91)
CMYK: 0.0%, 25.9%, 45.2%, 34.9%

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Color wheel - Color scheme palette generator and editor

Create and edit the color palette using the color scheme and palette generator. A color wheel generator. Apply the color palette to design mockups.

Color wheel - Color palette generator and editor

Generate a random color palette by selecting the color scheme. The palette generator also comes with a website mockup, mobile app mockup, geometric pattern, T-Shirt designs, and graphs. Check how the palette looks by applying the color palette to the different mockups and designs provided by the editor.

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Palette has 6 colors. The color palette consist of - #1560bd (Denim) - #a6a6a6 (Quick Silver) - #ab4e52 (Rose Vale) - #dfff00 (Chartreuse Yellow) - #ff66cc (Rose Pink) - #a67b5b (French Beige) colors.