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Colors Beginning with the Letter K

List of colors that start with K. Color names and codes of all the colors having starting letter as 'K'. Color Palette K - Random color scheme palette with color name starting from K. Color Picker for your next design project.

Colors Beginning with the Letter - K

1. Kelly Green 4CBB17 rgb(76, 187, 23)
2. Keppel 3AB09E rgb(58, 176, 158)
3. Khaki C3B091 rgb(195, 176, 145)
4. Kobe 882D17 rgb(136, 45, 23)

1. Kelly Green
Color Name: Kelly Green
Hex Color Code: #4CBB17
RGB Color Code: RGB(76, 187, 23)
CMYK Values *: 59.36%, 0.00%, 87.70%, 26.67%
HEX #4CBB17 Kelly Green Color - Color Code

Kelly Green is an intense, pure green named after the common Irish family name, Kelly. It represents the lush green of Irish meadows.

2. Keppel
Color Name: Keppel
Hex Color Code: #3AB09E
RGB Color Code: RGB(58, 176, 158)
CMYK Values *: 67.05%, 0.00%, 10.23%, 30.98%
HEX #3AB09E Keppel Color - Color Code

3. Khaki
Color Name: Khaki
Hex Color Code: #C3B091
RGB Color Code: RGB(195, 176, 145)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 9.74%, 25.64%, 23.53%
HEX #C3B091 Khaki Color - Color Code

<h4>Origin, history and meaning of Khaki Color</h4><p><b>Khaki is a light brown or beige color</b>&nbsp;derived from the Persian word for dust. Khaki has been used as a name for this color in English since 1845. The origin of the phrase khaki is in <b>Persian, which means "dusty"</b>.&nbsp;<span style="font-size: 1rem;">Khaki is a color that is associated with military uniforms and combat boots. It is a shade of brown that has yellow undertones.</span></p>

4. Kobe
Color Name: Kobe
Hex Color Code: #882D17
RGB Color Code: RGB(136, 45, 23)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 66.91%, 83.09%, 46.67%
HEX #882D17 Kobe Color - Color Code