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Shades (Family) of Yellow Colors - Yellow Color Palette, Chart, Picker

Page contains palette of Yellow colors with name. The color names and codes belongs to Yellow color family (shades). These are varieties of the Yellow color, which differ in color qualities like hue, saturation, intensity, or lightness. Yellow Color Chart and Picker for your next design project. These are different type of shades of Yellow colors, from light to dark.

Shades of Yellow Paint

#F2EAC3 Pineapple Cream (SW 1668)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#F4E1AE Lantern Light (SW 6687)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#F5D68F Solaria (SW 6688)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#F5DEAF Banana Cream (SW 6673)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#F5E0B1 Friendly Yellow (SW 6680)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#F5E1AC Glad Yellow (SW 6694)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#F6CD8E Afterglow (SW 6667)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#F6DDA3 Butter Up (SW 6681)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#F7D391 Jonquil (SW 6674)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#F8AC1D Gusto Gold (SW 6904)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#FDB702 Goldfinch (SW 6905)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#FDCC4E Decisive Yellow (SW 6902)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#FED340 Daisy (SW 6910)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#FED95D Lemon Twist (SW 6909)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#FFC801 Forsythia (SW 6907)
Paint - Sherwin Williams

Shades of Yellow color. Yellow Color Chart. Different colors in Yellow

1. Chartreuse
Color Name: Chartreuse
Hex Color Code: #80FF00
RGB Color Code: RGB(128, 255, 0)
CMYK Values *: 49.80%, 0.00%, 100.00%, 0.00%
HEX #80FF00 Chartreuse Color - Color Code
On the RGB color wheel, Chartreuse is defined as the colour halfway between yellow and green. The colour halfway between yellow and green on the RGB color wheel has a hex code of 80FF00.
2. Spring Bud
Color Name: Spring Bud
Hex Color Code: #A7FC00
RGB Color Code: RGB(167, 252, 0)
CMYK Values *: 33.73%, 0.00%, 100.00%, 1.18%
HEX #A7FC00 Spring Bud Color - Color Code
Spring Bud is the color that used to be called spring green before the X11 web color spring green was formulated in 1987.
3. Green Yellow
Color Name: Green Yellow
Hex Color Code: #ADFF2F
RGB Color Code: RGB(173, 255, 47)
CMYK Values *: 32.16%, 0.00%, 81.57%, 0.00%
HEX #ADFF2F Green Yellow Color - Color Code
4. Ecru
Color Name: Ecru
Hex Color Code: #C2B280
RGB Color Code: RGB(194, 178, 128)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 8.25%, 34.02%, 23.92%
HEX #C2B280 Ecru Color - Color Code
Ecru comes from the French word écru, which means raw or unbleached. It is the color of unbleached silk and line. Ecru is a grayish-yellow color or shade of beige.
5. Lemon Curry
Color Name: Lemon Curry
Hex Color Code: #CCA01D
RGB Color Code: RGB(204, 160, 29)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 21.57%, 85.78%, 20.00%
HEX #CCA01D Lemon Curry Color - Color Code
Lemon Curry color is from "Pantone Textile Paper eXtended (TPX)" color list, color #15-0751 TPX—Lemon Curry
6. Volt
Color Name: Volt
Hex Color Code: #CEFF00
RGB Color Code: RGB(206, 255, 0)
CMYK Values *: 19.22%, 0.00%, 100.00%, 0.00%
HEX #CEFF00 Volt Color - Color Code
Volt is used by Nike in several of their athletic products, most notably their Air Max 90 Hyperfuse sneakers, which were introduced in 2011. This color is similar to electric lime.
7. Neon Gold
Color Name: Neon Gold
Hex Color Code: #CFAA01
RGB Color Code: RGB(207, 170, 1)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 17.87%, 99.52%, 18.82%
HEX #CFAA01 Neon Gold Color - Color Code
8. Old Gold
Color Name: Old Gold
Hex Color Code: #CFB53B
RGB Color Code: RGB(207, 181, 59)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 12.56%, 71.50%, 18.82%
HEX #CFB53B Old Gold Color - Color Code
Old Gold is a brown to strong yellow color or a shade of dark yellow.
9. Metallic Gold
Color Name: Metallic Gold
Hex Color Code: #D4AF37
RGB Color Code: RGB(212, 175, 55)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 17.45%, 74.06%, 16.86%
HEX #D4AF37 Metallic Gold Color - Color Code
Metallic Gold (traditional gold) is a simulation of the color of the actual metallic gold element. This color is a dark yellow shade compared to the web color Gold. The American Heritage Dictionary defines the color metallic gold as "A light olive-brown to dark yellow, or a moderate, strong to vivid yellow."
10. Goldenrod
Color Name: Goldenrod
Hex Color Code: #DAA520
RGB Color Code: RGB(218, 165, 32)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 24.31%, 85.32%, 14.51%
HEX #DAA520 Goldenrod Color - Color Code
The color goldenrod is a representation of the color of goldenrod flowers.