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Shades (Family) of Red Colors - Red Color Palette, Chart, Picker

Page contains palette of Red colors with name. The color names and codes belongs to Red color family (shades). These are varieties of the Red color, which differ in color qualities like hue, saturation, intensity, or lightness. Red Color Chart and Picker for your next design project. These are different type of shades of Red colors, from light to dark.

Shades of Red Paint

#A42E41 Radish (SW 6861)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#A82E33 Heartthrob (SW 6866)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#AD2C34 Positive Red (SW 6871)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#B54D7F Exuberant Pink (SW 6840)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#BF2D32 Real Red (SW 6868)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#CC617F Dragon Fruit (SW 6855)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#E3C0CF Irresistible (SW 6562)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#E8C0CF Childlike (SW 6569)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#EBD1DB Teaberry (SW 6561)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#EFC0CB Azalea Flower (SW 6576)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#F0B3B2 Hopeful (SW 6597)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#F0BCC9 In the Pink (SW 6583)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#F0C1C6 Loveable (SW 6590)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#F1C6C4 Bella Pink (SW 6596)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#F1D2D7 Impatiens Petal (SW 6582)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#F1D3DA Priscilla (SW 6575)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#F2CCC5 Oleander (SW 6603)
Paint - Sherwin Williams
#F2D5D7 Alyssum (SW 6589)
Paint - Sherwin Williams

Shades of Red color. Red Color Chart. Different colors in Red

1. Chocolate Cosmos
Color Name: Chocolate Cosmos
Hex Color Code: #58111A
RGB Color Code: RGB(88, 17, 26)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 80.68%, 70.45%, 65.49%
HEX #58111A Chocolate Cosmos Color - Color Code
2. Eggplant
Color Name: Eggplant
Hex Color Code: #614051
RGB Color Code: RGB(97, 64, 81)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 34.02%, 16.49%, 61.96%
HEX #614051 Eggplant Color Crayola Crayons - Color Code
Eggplant is a dark purple color that resembles the color of the outer skin of European eggplants. The color is also called Aubergine. Aubergine is the French, German, and British English word for eggplant. Crayola formulated the color 'Eggplant' in 1998, which is part of the Crayola Crayon's list.
3. Rosewood
Color Name: Rosewood
Hex Color Code: #65000B
RGB Color Code: RGB(101, 0, 11)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 100.00%, 89.11%, 60.39%
HEX #65000B Rosewood Color - Color Code
4. Blood Red
Color Name: Blood Red
Hex Color Code: #660000
RGB Color Code: RGB(102, 0, 0)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 100.00%, 100.00%, 60.00%
HEX #660000 Blood Red Color - Color Code
The color blood red is a dark shade of the color red meant to resemble the color of human blood. The actual color ranges from crimson to a dark brown-blood depending on how oxygenated the blood is. Wikipedia has deferent color code for blood red listed from deferent source. - #AA0000, #AF111C, #830303, #7E3517
5. Prune (Persian Plum)
Color Name: Prune (Persian Plum)
Hex Color Code: #701C1C
RGB Color Code: RGB(112, 28, 28)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 75.00%, 75.00%, 56.08%
HEX #701C1C Prune (Persian Plum) Color - Color Code
Prune, also called Persian Plum, represents the color of dried plums.
6. Wine
Color Name: Wine
Hex Color Code: #722F37
RGB Color Code: RGB(114, 47, 55)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 58.77%, 51.75%, 55.29%
HEX #722F37 Wine Color - Color Code
The color wine is a dark shade of red. It is a representation of the typical color of red wine.
7. Tuscan Red
Color Name: Tuscan Red
Hex Color Code: #7C3030
RGB Color Code: RGB(124, 48, 48)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 61.29%, 61.29%, 51.37%
HEX #7C3030 Tuscan Red Color - Color Code
Tuscan Red is a dark red color. The color was popular in the late 19th century but non-standardized. It became the 'signature color' of the Pennsylvania Railroad, which instituted specifications for its formulation.
8. Claret
Color Name: Claret
Hex Color Code: #7F1734
RGB Color Code: RGB(127, 23, 52)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 81.89%, 59.06%, 50.20%
HEX #7F1734 Claret Color - Color Code
This color is a representation of the average color of bordeaux wine.
9. Maroon
Color Name: Maroon
Hex Color Code: #800000
RGB Color Code: RGB(128, 0, 0)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 100.00%, 100.00%, 49.80%
HEX #800000 Maroon Color - Color Code
10. Burgundy
Color Name: Burgundy
Hex Color Code: #800020
RGB Color Code: RGB(128, 0, 32)
CMYK Values *: 0.00%, 100.00%, 75.00%, 49.80%
HEX #800020 Burgundy Color - Color Code