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Shades (Family) of Red Colors - Red color chart and picker

Red Colors

Red is the color of fire and blood. It is the color of roses, which are a symbol of love and romance. It is the one that evokes emotions. Red is also a color of danger and warning. Red is also associated with attraction, so it is often used in fashion and cosmetics to make people look more attractive.

Red is a color that never fades and that never goes unnoticed. It is a powerful color that is associated with a variety of emotions and responses.

There are many different shades of red color, each with its own name and meaning. Here are some of the famous red family colors:

  • Scarlet: It is a rich, deep red color associated with passion, love, and romance.
  • Burgundy: It is a deep, dark red color with purple tones that is associated with sophistication, royalty, and luxury.
  • Crimson: It is a bright red color associated with royalty, wealth, and power.
  • Rust
  • Maroon
  • Pastel Red
  • Vermilion

Shades of Red color with names | Red color chart and picker

Shades of Red color. Red Color Chart. Different colors in Red

1. Dark Sienna
Color Name: Dark Sienna
Hex Color Code: #3C1414
RGB Color Code: RGB(60, 20, 20)
CMYK Values*: 0.0%, 66.7%, 66.7%, 76.5%

HEX #3C1414 Dark Sienna Color - Color Code

2. Old Burgundy
Color Name: Old Burgundy
Hex Color Code: #43302E
RGB Color Code: RGB(67, 48, 46)
CMYK Values*: 0.0%, 28.4%, 31.3%, 73.7%

HEX #43302E Old Burgundy Color - Color Code

3. Bulgarian Rose Red
Color Name: Bulgarian Rose Red
Hex Color Code: #480607
RGB Color Code: RGB(72, 6, 7)
CMYK Values*: 0.0%, 91.7%, 90.3%, 71.8%

HEX #480607 Bulgarian Rose Red Color - Color Code

4. Oxblood
Color Name: Oxblood
Hex Color Code: #4A0000
RGB Color Code: RGB(74, 0, 0)
CMYK Values*: 0.0%, 100.0%, 100.0%, 71.0%

HEX #4A0000 Oxblood Color - Color Code

5. Dark Liver
Color Name: Dark Liver
Hex Color Code: #534B4F
RGB Color Code: RGB(83, 75, 79)
CMYK Values*: 0.0%, 9.6%, 4.8%, 67.5%

HEX #534B4F Dark Liver Color - Color Code

6. Light Chocolate Cosmos
Color Name: Light Chocolate Cosmos
Hex Color Code: #551F2F
RGB Color Code: RGB(85, 31, 47)
CMYK Values*: 0.0%, 63.5%, 44.7%, 66.7%

HEX #551F2F Light Chocolate Cosmos Color - Color Code

7. Dark Scarlet
Color Name: Dark Scarlet
Hex Color Code: #560319
RGB Color Code: RGB(86, 3, 25)
CMYK Values*: 0.0%, 96.5%, 70.9%, 66.3%

HEX #560319 Dark Scarlet Color - Color Code

8. Red Cosmos (Chocolate Cosmos)
Color Name: Red Cosmos (Chocolate Cosmos)
Hex Color Code: #58111A
RGB Color Code: RGB(88, 17, 26)
CMYK Values*: 0.0%, 80.7%, 70.5%, 65.5%

HEX #58111A Red Cosmos (Chocolate Cosmos) Color - Color Code

9. Eggplant (Aubergine)
Color Name: Eggplant (Aubergine)
Hex Color Code: #614051
RGB Color Code: RGB(97, 64, 81)
CMYK Values*: 0.0%, 34.0%, 16.5%, 62.0%

HEX #614051 Eggplant (Aubergine) Color Crayola Crayons - Color Code

10. Rosewood
Color Name: Rosewood
Hex Color Code: #65000B
RGB Color Code: RGB(101, 0, 11)
CMYK Values*: 0.0%, 100.0%, 89.1%, 60.4%

HEX #65000B Rosewood Color - Color Code