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~ Cornsilk

~ Coffee Foam

~ Spanish Gray
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Color wheel - Color scheme palette generator and editor

Create and edit the color palette using the color scheme and palette generator. A color wheel generator. Apply the color palette to design mockups.

Color wheel - Color palette generator and editor

Generate a random color palette by selecting the color scheme. The palette generator also comes with a website mockup, mobile app mockup, geometric pattern, T-Shirt designs, and graphs. Check how the palette looks by applying the color palette to the different mockups and designs provided by the editor.

  • Custom
  • Monochromatic
  • Analogous
  • Complementary
  • Split Complementary
  • Triadic
  • Tetradic
  • Hexadic

Palette has 3 colors. The color palette consist of - #f2ecce (~Cornsilk) - #d9bda3 (~Coffee Foam) - #98968d (~Spanish Gray) colors.

Palette Colors and Color Codes

Name: ~ Cornsilk (#fff8dc)
Hex: #F2ECCE
RGB: RGB(242, 236, 206)
CMYK: 0.0%, 2.5%, 14.9%, 5.1%

Name: ~ Coffee Foam (#dbc1aa)
Hex: #D9BDA3
RGB: RGB(217, 189, 163)
CMYK: 0.0%, 12.9%, 24.9%, 14.9%

Name: ~ Spanish Gray (#989898)
Hex: #98968D
RGB: RGB(152, 150, 141)
CMYK: 0.0%, 1.3%, 7.2%, 40.4%

~ Color Name is not the exact match. It is the nearest matching name to the Hex Code.