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PPG Paints Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) Paint Color

Color Name: Nutmeg (PPG1068-6)
Hex Color Code: #A8715A
RGB Color Code: RGB(168, 113, 90)
CMYK Values*: 0.0%, 32.7%, 46.4%, 34.1%

About Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) color - its meaning and example

What color is Nutmeg (PPG1068-6)?

Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) color belongs to the Orange color family (hue). The hexadecimal color code(color number) for Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) is #A8715A, and the RGB color code is RGB(168, 113, 90).

In the RGB color model, Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) has a red value of 168, a green value of 113, and a blue value of 90. The CMYK color model (also known as process color, used in color printing) comprises 0.0% cyan, 32.7% magenta, 46.4% yellow, and 34.1% key (black). The HSL color scale has a hue of 17.7° (degrees), 31.0 % saturation, and 50.6 % lightness. In the HSB/HSV color space, Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) has a hue of 17.7° (degrees), 46.4 % saturation and 65.9 % brightness/value.

Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) is cool or warm?

The color Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) is a warm color.

What is the LRV of Nutmeg (PPG1068-6)?

Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) has an LRV of nearly 21. By LRV value, it is a medium dark color.

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is a measure of how much visible light is reflected off a surface. It is a number on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 being pure black and 100 being pure white. The higher the LRV, the more light the color reflects and the lighter it will appear.

Dark Color

Nutmeg (PPG1068-6)

Light Color

Compare LRV 21 of Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) with dark and light Color

LRV is important to consider when choosing paint colors for a room, as it can affect the overall brightness and mood of the space. Lighter colors with higher LRVs will make a room feel more spacious and airy, while darker colors with lower LRVs will create a more intimate and cozy atmosphere.
LRV value 21 puts PPG Paints Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) paint color in the darker category.

  • Darker colors: Darker colors have lower LRV numbers because they absorb more light than they reflect. This means that they will make a room feel darker and smaller.
  • Lighter colors: Lighter colors have higher LRV numbers because they reflect more light than they absorb. This means that they will make a room feel brighter and more spacious.

Color Codes - Color Space Conversions

Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) (Paint - PPG Paints) color codes / color number / color space conversions - HEX, RGBA, CMYK, HSL, HSV/HSB, HYZ, CMY, HWB, RYB


RGB(168, 113, 90)
168 (65.9%)
113 (44.3%)
90 (35.3%)
1 (100.0%)




HSL(17.69deg, 31.0 %, 50.6 %)

30.95 %.
50.59 %.


RYB(102, 105, 79)
102 (40.0%)
105 (41.2%)
79 (30.9%)


46.43 %.
Brightness / Value
65.88 %.


H: 17.69°

W: 35.29 %

B: 34.12 %


X : 23.9

Y : 20.87

Z : 12.44


Y1 : 20.87

X : 0.42

Y2 : 0.36


C : 34.12%

M : 55.69%

Y : 64.71%


~ 20.9 %

Munsell Color System

3.3YR 5.1/5.2


L : 52.81

A : 18.99

B : 21.59


L : 52.81

C : 28.75

H : 48.66


L : 52.81

U : 39.51

V : 23.02


L : 45.69

A : 13.42

B : 15.83

Similar Colors and Paints

Named colors similar to Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) (Paint - PPG Paints)

Here are the colors similar to Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) (Paint - PPG Paints). Delta E (ΔE) is the measure of the difference between two colors. Delta E is measured on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 means exact match, and 100 is the highest difference.

Pecan Brown
ΔE - 2.86 (97.1% similar)
Blast-Off Bronze
ΔE - 3.91 (96.1% similar)
Tawny Birch
ΔE - 4.88 (95.1% similar)
ΔE - 5.89 (94.1% similar)

Similar colors from Pantone, RAL, and other color matching system

Pantone PMS

Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) similar/equivalent colors from Pantone PMS. Conversion of Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) to Pantone PMS

ΔE - 2.13 (97.9% similar)
ΔE - 2.43 (97.6% similar)
ΔE - 3.00 (97.0% similar)
ΔE - 3.69 (96.3% similar)

Pantone TCX

Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) similar/equivalent colors from Pantone TCX. Conversion of Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) to Pantone TCX

RAL Design

Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) similar/equivalent colors from RAL Design. Conversion of Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) to RAL Design

British Standard 4800

Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) similar/equivalent colors from British Standard 4800. Conversion of Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) to British Standard 4800

BS 04-C-37 - Red
ΔE - 6.10 (93.9% similar)
BS 04-B-19 - Beige
ΔE - 7.80 (92.2% similar)

Paint similar to Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) (Paint - PPG Paints)

Here are the best recommended paint colors similar to Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) (Paint - PPG Paints). Delta E (ΔE) is the measure of the difference between two colors. Delta E is measured on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 means exact match, and 100 is the highest difference.

PPG Paints

Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) similar/equivalent paint from PPG Paints. Conversion of Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) to PPG Paints

Copper Beech (PPG1067-5)
ΔE - 2.32 (97.7% similar)
Southern Wood (PPG16-07)
ΔE - 2.85 (97.2% similar)
Amaretto (PPG1066-6)
ΔE - 3.59 (96.4% similar)


Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) similar/equivalent paint from Behr. Conversion of Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) to Behr

Orange Flambe (MQ1-28)
ΔE - 1.25 (98.8% similar)
Glazed Pot (PPU3-15)
ΔE - 2.27 (97.7% similar)
Sienna (MQ1-60)
ΔE - 2.51 (97.5% similar)
Perfect Penny (S180-6)
ΔE - 2.94 (97.1% similar)


Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) similar/equivalent paint from Dunn-Edwards. Conversion of Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) to Dunn-Edwards

Arizona Clay (DET 454)
ΔE - 1.33 (98.7% similar)
Chic Brick (DE 6104)
ΔE - 1.48 (98.5% similar)
Weathered Saddle (DE 5187)
ΔE - 3.10 (96.9% similar)
Autumn Umber (DE 5216)
ΔE - 3.40 (96.6% similar)

Benjamin Moore

Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) similar/equivalent paint from Benjamin Moore. Conversion of Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) to Benjamin Moore

Toasted Pecan (1209)
ΔE - 1.65 (98.4% similar)
Brentwood (1223)
ΔE - 2.84 (97.2% similar)
Fox Run (1229)
ΔE - 3.13 (96.9% similar)
Antique Copper (1169)
ΔE - 3.36 (96.6% similar)

Sherwin Williams

Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) similar/equivalent paint from Sherwin Williams. Conversion of Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) to Sherwin Williams

Decorous Amber (SW 0007)
ΔE - 2.30 (97.7% similar)
Cavern Clay (SW 7701)
ΔE - 2.57 (97.4% similar)
Spiced Cider (SW 7702)
ΔE - 3.12 (96.9% similar)
Brandywine (SW 7710)
ΔE - 4.24 (95.8% similar)


Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) similar/equivalent paint from Valspar. Conversion of Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) to Valspar

Walking Stick (V083-5)
ΔE - 3.18 (96.8% similar)
Terra Cotta Trail (2005-7B)
ΔE - 4.28 (95.7% similar)
Rustic Oak (2007-7B)
ΔE - 4.62 (95.4% similar)
Apache Clay (1007-9B)
ΔE - 4.66 (95.3% similar)

Color Combinations

View more Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) - #A8715A color palettes and coordinating colors

Monochromatic Color Palette

Monochromatic colors belong to the same hue angle but different tints and shades. Monochromatic color palette can be generated by keeping the exact hue of the base color and then changing the saturation and lightness.

Analogous Color Palette

Analogous colors are a group of colors adjacent to each other on a color wheel. Group of these adjacent colors forms Analogous color scheme Palette. Analogous Palette can be generated by increasing or decreasing the hue value by 30 points.

Triadic Color Palette

The triadic color palette has three colors separated by 120° in the RGB color wheel

Tetradic Color Palette

The tetradic colour scheme composed of two sets of complementary colors in a rectangular shape on the color wheel.

Example Color Images and Mockup

Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) - #A8715A Color Images and Patterns

PPG Paints Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) Paint vintage style bedroom interior
PPG Paints Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) Paint cozy coffee corner interior
PPG Paints Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) Paint modern minimalist living room interior
PPG Paints Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) Paint dining room design
PPG Paints Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) Paint exterior design modern house with walkway
PPG Paints Nutmeg (PPG1068-6) Paint modular kitchen design