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Behr Pink paint colors - Pink paint color family (shade) chart

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Explore the awesome behr pink paint colors, behr pink paint color family (shade) chart for your next design project.
Page contains paint color names grouped according to shades or family of colors that they belong to. Grouping is based on the actual paint color or by undertone. Palette of behr pink paint family colors. The paint color names belong to behr pink color family (shades).

Behr Pink color family paints | Shades of Behr Pink paints

Shades of Pink paints. Pink paint color chart. Different paint colors in Pink

1. Passion Fruit (M100-5)
Color Name: Passion Fruit (M100-5)
Hex Color Code: #907895
RGB Color Code: RGB(144, 120, 149)
CMYK Values*: 3.4%, 19.5%, 0.0%, 41.6%

HEX #907895 Passion Fruit (M100-5) Paint Behr - Color Code

2. Aged To Perfection (M100-4)
Color Name: Aged To Perfection (M100-4)
Hex Color Code: #A58EA9
RGB Color Code: RGB(165, 142, 169)
CMYK Values*: 2.4%, 16.0%, 0.0%, 33.7%

HEX #A58EA9 Aged To Perfection (M100-4) Paint Behr - Color Code

3. Uptown Girl (MQ5-33)
Color Name: Uptown Girl (MQ5-33)
Hex Color Code: #A791A8
RGB Color Code: RGB(167, 145, 168)
CMYK Values*: 0.6%, 13.7%, 0.0%, 34.1%

HEX #A791A8 Uptown Girl (MQ5-33) Paint Behr - Color Code

4. Charm (PPU16-12)
Color Name: Charm (PPU16-12)
Hex Color Code: #A99DAF
RGB Color Code: RGB(169, 157, 175)
CMYK Values*: 3.4%, 10.3%, 0.0%, 31.4%

HEX #A99DAF Charm (PPU16-12) Paint Behr - Color Code

5. Svelte (M100-3)
Color Name: Svelte (M100-3)
Hex Color Code: #B8A3BB
RGB Color Code: RGB(184, 163, 187)
CMYK Values*: 1.6%, 12.8%, 0.0%, 26.7%

HEX #B8A3BB Svelte (M100-3) Paint Behr - Color Code

6. Highland Thistle (S110-4)
Color Name: Highland Thistle (S110-4)
Hex Color Code: #B9A1AE
RGB Color Code: RGB(185, 161, 174)
CMYK Values*: 0.0%, 13.0%, 5.9%, 27.5%

HEX #B9A1AE Highland Thistle (S110-4) Paint Behr - Color Code

7. Courtly Purple (S100-3)
Color Name: Courtly Purple (S100-3)
Hex Color Code: #BBAFC1
RGB Color Code: RGB(187, 175, 193)
CMYK Values*: 3.1%, 9.3%, 0.0%, 24.3%

HEX #BBAFC1 Courtly Purple (S100-3) Paint Behr - Color Code

8. Beauty Queen (P120-5)
Color Name: Beauty Queen (P120-5)
Hex Color Code: #BE5C87
RGB Color Code: RGB(190, 92, 135)
CMYK Values*: 0.0%, 51.6%, 28.9%, 25.5%

HEX #BE5C87 Beauty Queen (P120-5) Paint Behr - Color Code

9. Rock Star Pink (P110-4)
Color Name: Rock Star Pink (P110-4)
Hex Color Code: #C58BBA
RGB Color Code: RGB(197, 139, 186)
CMYK Values*: 0.0%, 29.4%, 5.6%, 22.7%

HEX #C58BBA Rock Star Pink (P110-4) Paint Behr - Color Code

10. Romantic Poetry (S100-2)
Color Name: Romantic Poetry (S100-2)
Hex Color Code: #CAC0CE
RGB Color Code: RGB(202, 192, 206)
CMYK Values*: 1.9%, 6.8%, 0.0%, 19.2%

HEX #CAC0CE Romantic Poetry (S100-2) Paint Behr - Color Code