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Valspar Purple paint colors - Purple paint color family (shade) chart

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Explore the awesome valspar purple paint colors, valspar purple paint color family (shade) chart for your next design project.
Page contains paint color names grouped according to shades or family of colors that they belong to. Grouping is based on the actual paint color or by undertone. Palette of valspar purple paint family colors. The paint color names belong to valspar purple color family (shades).

Valspar Purple color family paints | Shades of Valspar Purple paints

Shades of Purple paints. Purple paint color chart. Different paint colors in Purple

1. Paula Loves Paris (V036-2)
Color Name: Paula Loves Paris (V036-2)
Hex Color Code: #80A5CD
RGB Color Code: RGB(128, 165, 205)
CMYK Values*: 37.6%, 19.5%, 0.0%, 19.6%

HEX #80A5CD Paula Loves Paris (V036-2) Paint Valspar - Color Code

2. Violetta (V073-4)
Color Name: Violetta (V073-4)
Hex Color Code: #87A4C8
RGB Color Code: RGB(135, 164, 200)
CMYK Values*: 32.5%, 18.0%, 0.0%, 21.6%

HEX #87A4C8 Violetta (V073-4) Paint Valspar - Color Code

3. Porcelain Vase (V109-4)
Color Name: Porcelain Vase (V109-4)
Hex Color Code: #8BA9C1
RGB Color Code: RGB(139, 169, 193)
CMYK Values*: 28.0%, 12.4%, 0.0%, 24.3%

HEX #8BA9C1 Porcelain Vase (V109-4) Paint Valspar - Color Code

4. Blue Magpie (P072)
Color Name: Blue Magpie (P072)
Hex Color Code: #8BB5D9
RGB Color Code: RGB(139, 181, 217)
CMYK Values*: 35.9%, 16.6%, 0.0%, 14.9%

HEX #8BB5D9 Blue Magpie (P072) Paint Valspar - Color Code

5. Heartsong (4003-7C)
Color Name: Heartsong (4003-7C)
Hex Color Code: #8DA6CA
RGB Color Code: RGB(141, 166, 202)
CMYK Values*: 30.2%, 17.8%, 0.0%, 20.8%

HEX #8DA6CA Heartsong (4003-7C) Paint Valspar - Color Code

6. Wings of Pegasus (V073-3)
Color Name: Wings of Pegasus (V073-3)
Hex Color Code: #93B1D6
RGB Color Code: RGB(147, 177, 214)
CMYK Values*: 31.3%, 17.3%, 0.0%, 16.1%

HEX #93B1D6 Wings of Pegasus (V073-3) Paint Valspar - Color Code

7. Fields of Heather (8001-47D)
Color Name: Fields of Heather (8001-47D)
Hex Color Code: #959CCD
RGB Color Code: RGB(149, 156, 205)
CMYK Values*: 27.3%, 23.9%, 0.0%, 19.6%

HEX #959CCD Fields of Heather (8001-47D) Paint Valspar - Color Code

8. Sweet Violet (4002-8A)
Color Name: Sweet Violet (4002-8A)
Hex Color Code: #98A0C1
RGB Color Code: RGB(152, 160, 193)
CMYK Values*: 21.2%, 17.1%, 0.0%, 24.3%

HEX #98A0C1 Sweet Violet (4002-8A) Paint Valspar - Color Code

9. Moonlight Stroll (8004-45D)
Color Name: Moonlight Stroll (8004-45D)
Hex Color Code: #99A0B2
RGB Color Code: RGB(153, 160, 178)
CMYK Values*: 14.0%, 10.1%, 0.0%, 30.2%

HEX #99A0B2 Moonlight Stroll (8004-45D) Paint Valspar - Color Code

10. Morris Blue (V110-4)
Color Name: Morris Blue (V110-4)
Hex Color Code: #9DB4CC
RGB Color Code: RGB(157, 180, 204)
CMYK Values*: 23.0%, 11.8%, 0.0%, 20.0%

HEX #9DB4CC Morris Blue (V110-4) Paint Valspar - Color Code